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Wrafana Pharmaceuticals, a GMP , ISO 9001:2008 , ISO 14001:2004 Certified Company equipped for Manufacturing with following capacity per year :

 S.No  Description Production units per year
 1 Tablets    
200 Million
 2  Capsules
100 Million
 3  Ampoules
 50 Million
 4  Cream
 20 Million
 5  Sachet 100 Million
 6  Dry Syrup  50 Million

Warafana Pharmaceutical has carved out a distinct place of its own in manufacturing of  best quality pharmaceutical products. The company is focused on dedicated contract manufacturing facility for specialized pharmaceutical products and is now effectively harnessing global opportunities to cement its international presence. 

Warafana Pharmaceuticals has emerged as an internationally recognized indenture with a short duration of time. This is just the beginning our destination is far ahead. Warafana Pharmaceuticals is willing to excel in the field of pharmaceuticals industry and always ambitious to meet the height of professionalism.
Spread over 28000 sq feet, the state-of-the-art ultra modern facility of Warafana is set up in the industrial area of the capital city in Islamabad. This  zone is a hub of leading industries of Pakistan, as it provides a competitive edge over manufacturing units operating in other parts of Pakistan in term of more stringent quality control regulations and controls. 

Warafana Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to better health and greater access to health care for people. The purpose is helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives. The route to that purpose is through discovering and developing breakthrough medicines; providing information on prevention, wellness, and treatment; consistent high-quality manufacturing of medicines, consumer products; and global leadership in corporate responsibility.
Warafana Pharmaceuticals has one of the most exciting product pipelines in the industry today. A pipeline of innovative medicines brought to life by diverse, talented, performance driven people. All of which makes us one of the most rewarding employers in our field.
At Warafana Pharmaceuticals, our performance-oriented culture and responsible approach are the foundations of our success. We recognize that our business depends on the creativity, dedication and performance of our associates. We encourage associates to focus on achievement through collaboration and innovation.
Warafana Pharmaceuticals is committed to improving people's lives by providing cost effective health care products and services that consistently meet the needs of our customers.  
Warafana Pharma aims at carving a place for bell in the Pakistan Pharmaceutical market with specialization in new and niche molecules thereby adding value for their clients as well as customers.

The Road Ahead:

Pakistan pharmaceuticals industry presents a unique opportunity for many related industries. The country’s domestic pharmaceutical market continues to open to foreign providers, while its position as a major outsourcing location is another growth opportunity as many western pharmaceutical manufacturers move operations to this area .

With a population of over 170 million, the government began the implementation of a national strategy in 2011 to expand and improve the country’s healthcare system. Primarily, the plan is to develop an affordable and accessible healthcare system with a medical insurance system covering the major population. The plan’s broad objectives include: 
§ To strengthen the public healthcare infrastructure
§ To strengthen the healthcare service network
§ To develop a comprehensive medical insurance system
§ To improve the drug supply system, including the strengthening of drug manufacturing and regulation of drug procurement by healthcare institutions
§ Reform the public hospital system
§ Support the development of Pakistan medicine
Considering the forth coming opportunities in pharma sector , we have the following future plan for us ; 

Leading Key Player In Pharma Industry :

Our main objective is to become a leading pharmaceutical company in Pakistan and to become a significant global player by providing high quality,affordable and innovative solutions in medicine and treatment.


Communicate openly and honestly, appreciate diversity of thought and action and thus building an environment conducive for work.


Trust, share and challenge each other, be accountable and enjoy working together and thus implementing true sense of cross functional Team-Work.


Demonstrate expertise and enthusiasm, delegate and empower, offer challenges and rewards and make sound professional decisions.


Encourage innovation, assess potential and deliver creative solutions.  


Beyond compliance, practice a culture of integrity and high quality,   respect the needs of all stakeholders. 


Drive to achieve results, action and positive achievement of agreed goals with a sense of urgency and simplicity, and use our resources in a sustainable way.

Expand National And Internationally:

We will leave no stone unturned to expand our business operation locally and  Internationally. we aim at gaining a prominent position in pharmaceuticals industry in coming 5 years.

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